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American tenor Roberto Sterba was born in a music loving family in former Czechoslovakia. Music and singing was heard at Sterba`s family home every day, two of Roberto`s uncles were professional musicians. As a boy of six he often performed as folks singer for the neighborhood people, at eight he started learning violin. Later he graduated violin with excellent results at the Conservatoire Prague, for a short time was a violinist with the Prague Symphony Orchestra and for one season - after his escape from communist Czechoslovakia - with Graunke Symphony Orchestra Munich, Germany (the present Munich Symphony Orchestra).

In spite of Roberto`s rich experience as a solo, chamber and orchestra musician, not a small experience as an actor (for example as member of “The Bard’s People” - a theater company in Hollywood, California, specializing in performances of Shakespeare’s plays), and even some experience as folks and ballet dancer, his main love was always singing. As a violin student at Conservatoire Prague he began taking private voice lessons and for many years he devoted himself with passion to building up his velvety, lyric tenor voice. Voice training and later also the tenor repertoire studies he then continued under the best teachers and coaches in Munich, New York, Los Angeles and Milan. His present active opera repertoire - all sung in the original languages - contains 18 operas, of which 12 are Italian operas. The concert repertoire of this bell canto tenor, sung in 11 languages, is even more extensive.

Though he is at his best in Italian operas, he achieved great success also in French and German operas. For example at the State Opera Prague in the title role of Anton von Zemlinski`s opera “Der Zwerg. Der Geburtstag der Infantin”, (The Dwarf. The Birthday of a Princess). The Dwarf is a unique role. Aside from mastering its extraordinary vocal and musical demands, the tenor must move all evening on the large stage on his knees, so that he - dressed with an overcoat covering him up to the heals and furnished with a special “shoes” - looks like a dwarf. This performance has earned Roberto nearly five minutes of standing ovations, the longest of the season. Roberto`s concert career is even more exciting. He has performed on major concert and opera stages throughout the world.. From San Francisco and Los Angeles across the USA to New York, in most major European cities, in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Taipei, etc.,

Following is the artistic “CREDO” of this singer:

In terms of singing technique:
“The word brings the sound, never the other way around!”

In terms of performing philosophy:
“One does not merely sing the beautiful melody, but strives to express with utmost conviction the deepest meaning of the sung text and hopes, that in a blessed moment he will succeed transferring some of the mystical content of the performed piece to the audience.“