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cellist and composer


Roman Samostrokov was born into an exceptionally musical family in Lviv. He has studied cello in the class of Prof. E.E. Spitzer, starting from a special music school for gifted children and continuing up to the post-graduate level. He has also studied with L. Aeshliman (a pupil of Pierre Fournier) in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Samostrokov has been a recipient of numerous scholarships from the Government of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine and Maurice Rubeli (Switzerland). He was awarded the 2nd prize at a National Youth Music Competition in Kherson (Ukraine), 1st prize at the Prokofiev International Competition, and 2nd prize at the International Lysenko Music Competition.

Repertoire of this artist includes a large number of chamber music works, such as works for cello solo, sonatas for cello and piano, trios and quartets. He has performed with great success most concertos of standard cello repertory, accompanied by a chamber or symphony orchestra. They included concertos by Dvorak, Shostakovich (No. 1), Haydn (C major and D major) and Elgar.


Important role for creativity of Roman Samostrokov is playing in a "Klassik Modern", a string orchestra founded in May 2005 which he is leading as an Artistic Director. KMSO performs with well known polish performers of classical and popular music such as Olga Szomanska, Titus Wojnowich, Andrzej Chorosinski, Eva Uryga etc. Orchestra contains experienced string players from Poland and Czech Republic.


With standing ovations ended the conference, celebrating a 20th anniversary of Euro region NYSA, during which this orchestra, under the baton of T. Chmiel, had performed the world premiere of music by Andrzej Szymalski and Maciej Gałęski, arranged by Roman Samostrokov. The same occasion brought yet another world premiere that of symphonic poem "Dark Tower", inspired by the cycle of books of Stephen King, "Dark Tower".


With a great success finished a 1st International Film Music Festival in Karpacz Golebiewski. This festival was an idea of Roman Samostrokov and thanks to its interesting program, selected by Roman and the brilliant performance of KMSO it has gained a warm acceptance from the public and a great publicity.


Roman Samostrokov is as gifted composer as he is a cellist:


At the beginning of 2014 Lower Silesia Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of T. Bugaj has performed the world premiere of Roman Samostrokov’s symphony "Vita Aeris" a work based on meteorological material written by Joseph Libersbach. Public accepted this piece with standing ovations. As a result of this concert, DUX, the greatest recording company in Poland will make a recording of this piece during the 2014.


The list of Samostrokv’s compositions is long. It includes: Symphonies, many works of chamber music, concertos, Beatles Concerto Grosso for string orchestra, “Requiem” for string orchestra and ballet, vocal cycle on poems of Wilfrid Oven “Homo dolore,” miniatures, arrangements, film music and other compositions.





  • String quartet Nr.1 'La Pitre' ( to Mrs.Denise Gaze dedicated )
  • String quartet Nr. 2 ( to Mrs.Denise Gaze dedicated )
  • String quartet Nr . 3 "Rage"
  • Sonata for three cellos
  • Suite in old style for two cellos
  • Vocal cycle on a poems of Wilfrid Owen "Homo Dolore"



  • "Beatles Concerto Grosso"
  • Concerto for two flutes and string orchestra ( dedicated for Łukasz Długosz and Agata Kielar-Długosz )
  • "Requiem" for string orchestra and ballet



  • Symphonic poem "Dark Tower" inspired by cycle of the books of Stephen King.
  • Symphony Nr.1 "Vita Aeris"
  • Carpathian Suite
  • Suite"Golem" Ghetto fairytales from Prague.



  • "Night Flight"
  • "Chokolate"
  • "Waterfall"
  • "Light & Shadow"
  • "Puppets"
  • "Arabique"
  • "Turn the page"



About 300 arrangements for different stuffs among others:
E.Morricone “A Mozart Reincarnated” (Variations for string quartet)



  • Terminator
  • Pearl Harbour
  • Titanic
  • Last Mohican
  • Gladiator
  • Madagascar
  • Mission Impossible
  • Inception
  • God Father
  • Mission
  • Orca
  • The good, the bad and the ugly


Musical fairy tail “Smog-Rein” ( for symphony orchestra)
F.Schubert “Earl King” ( for string orchestra )
A.Schnittke “Suite in old style” for flute quartet
Songs and ballads of S.Moniuszko